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Design Nation 2019: A Recap

On Friday, March 8th, Business Today held the 3rd iteration of Design Nation, an expenses-paid conference that explores the impact of design within career, business, and industry.

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Taco Bell President Liz Williams on College Life, Diversity, and Mentorship

Before she joined Taco Bell, Williams worked at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) for six years as Principal in the Consumer and Retail Practices in U.S. and Asian markets. She also spent seven years at Dell Computer in various finance, brand marketing and corporate sales positions. BT spoke to Williams about her career, advice to undergraduates, and everyday life at Taco Bell.

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Reeling in on Independent Films

Independent films are not produced with the intention to become “Oscar bait” but instead, they offer plenty of playfulness with new ideas and techniques, sometimes pioneering modes of filmmaking. It becomes imperative, then, to preserve and recognize this subset of films.

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