About us

What is the Online Journal?

Business Today's Online Journal was founded in 2013 as the online extension of BT's longstanding magazine.  The Online Journal has since expanded its content to include not only editorial pieces, but also interviews, career pieces, seminar coverage, and conference coverage.  Working closely with the rest of the organization, the Online Journal seeks to further the BT mission of connecting undergraduates and business leaders by providing a platform in which undergraduates can stay engaged with executives and business issues most relevant to them.


what is business today?


Our mission is to create a dynamic forum for influential business leaders to interact with top undergraduate students from campuses worldwide and to educate the leaders of tomorrow. 

We design our programs to fill niches and bridge gaps in the undergraduate business world, from international markets to entrepreneurial endeavors to gender gaps in business. Through the unique intersection of our forty-eight-year legacy, our unparalleled corporate partners, and our status as a student-run non-profit, we drive our mission in a way that no other organization can.