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The Vietnam Model: North Korea’s Next Step?

However, a saving grace that might come out of the talk is a suggestion from the US to follow a Vietnam’s path: the idea that a communist regime can pursue market-oriented policies without sacrificing the legitimacy of the government. In truth, this model of economic development is far and few in today’s world; other than China, the remaining Communist states, Vietnam, Laos, and Cuba, show nowhere near the same economic prowess.

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Metal-ing with International Relations

With new shocking events unfolding by the day, the US is in a precarious position and must tread carefully to avoid a trade war with China. Then again, that may be exactly the intention.

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A Nation Without Cash: Norway’s the First Country to Go Cash Free

Cash will be around in most societies for many decades; however, some nations are already well on the road to going entirely cash free. One of these nations is Norway.

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