Ask an Exec!


In past magazines and articles, we’ve asked execs questions sourced from undergrads just like you! For instance, two of the questions directed to the Chairman of National Geographic Partners for our Spring 2019 Magazine featured students from Argentina and India.

Business Today is committed to providing a bridge between executives and students, and we encourage you to submit any question you’d like to be answered by an executive in one of our programs. You may submit as many times as you like, and we’ll update the page with executives who plan to interview with us.

Upcoming interviews

  • Dan Doctoroff (CEO of Sidewalk Labs, former CEO of Bloomberg, former Deputy Mayor of New York)

  • Frida Polli (CEO and Co-founder of Pymetrics)

  • Tina Sharkey (Founder of Brandless)

Tips on writing great interview questions

  • Research the executive (background, previous interviews, recent news, and etc.) - ask questions that haven’t been asked before, or adapt a question from a previous interview in which the executive has participated

  • Try asking targeted questions using this format: a fact, piece of research, or interesting aspect about the executive/company + question

  • Great questions are more open-ended, rather than yes-or-no type questions

  • Check out previous interviews we’ve conducted for some ideas on interview questions

  • We almost always ask questions on how the executive got to where they are today or what advice they have for students … try to think of questions outside of those topics

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