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Green Is The New Black

In recent years, consumers have called for companies to focus more on sustainable fashion rather than fast-fashion. A study administered by the International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile Ecology, found that “60 percent of millennials are interested in certified sustainable clothing.” However, only 37 percent of millennials actually purchase sustainable goods.

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Fast Food in the Fast Lane

In a world where a demand for speed seems to permeate every aspect of our lives, it is no wonder that quick-service restaurants (QSRs), known colloquially as ‘fast food’, have an important place in many people’s lives. However, notorious for their deleterious effects on health and the environment, QSRs have had to struggle with consumer demands that are increasingly health-conscious and eco-conscious.

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Interview with Liz Wessel, Co-Founder and CEO of WayUp

Liz Wessel is the CEO of Co-Founder & CEO of WayUp. WayUp is a job site and mobile app for that college students and graduate students can use to connect with employers. As of 2017, the app has over 5 million users and 300,000 employers.

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