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Taco Bell President Liz Williams on College Life, Diversity, and Mentorship

Before she joined Taco Bell, Williams worked at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) for six years as Principal in the Consumer and Retail Practices in U.S. and Asian markets. She also spent seven years at Dell Computer in various finance, brand marketing and corporate sales positions. BT spoke to Williams about her career, advice to undergraduates, and everyday life at Taco Bell.

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What’s the point of corporate activism today under Trump?

This week, we’ll look at how present-day corporate activism, especially in response to the Trump administration, is having an impact on larger society, as well as what it means for companies’ bottom lines. Do today’s efforts at corporate activism have a tangible impact, or are they merely pretty words?

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Corporate Activism, Yesterday and Today

How has the idea and execution behind corporate activism evolved over time?

This article is the second in a series of articles on corporate social responsibility in the Trump era.

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Artificial Intelligence: Moving Society to a Brighter or Darker Future?

"Although artificial intelligence is advancing society in almost every industry, we need to make sure that optimization does not sacrifice public welfare, and that the quality of life for all is elevated.

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