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Transitional Justice in South Sudan

The Peace Agreement signed in 2018 covers not only the necessary political, military and institutional changes, but also dedicates a whole chapter of its articles to transitional justice. With this mechanism there is hope that the highly corroded social fabric can heal gradually for the benefit of the population.

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Reducing Africa’s Infrastructure Deficits

I argue, therefore, that African economies can begin the process of deep integration if infrastructure networks are designed in such a way as to link production centers and distribution hubs across the continent. Indeed, this would emulate, under Africa’s own conditions, the networks of trade utilized by developed economies.

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The Implications of Africa-China Relations

The Chinese government over the past few years has been working towards strengthening its ties with Africa with an elaboration on it’s vision for development on the continent. In this pursuit, the aim of China is to access resources, foreign markets, and boost its own global influence. 

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