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The Rise of Email Newsletters

The casual brevity of the newsletters has led to some criticism that the newsletters are indulging millennials’ supposed uber-short attention spans and anti-intellectual attitudes. Still - native advertising, in which advertisements are slickly folded into the newsletter in a similar font and format to the actual content, abounds.

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What’s the point of corporate activism today under Trump?

This week, we’ll look at how present-day corporate activism, especially in response to the Trump administration, is having an impact on larger society, as well as what it means for companies’ bottom lines. Do today’s efforts at corporate activism have a tangible impact, or are they merely pretty words?

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Reeling in on Independent Films

Independent films are not produced with the intention to become “Oscar bait” but instead, they offer plenty of playfulness with new ideas and techniques, sometimes pioneering modes of filmmaking. It becomes imperative, then, to preserve and recognize this subset of films.

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