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Transitional Justice in South Sudan

The Peace Agreement signed in 2018 covers not only the necessary political, military and institutional changes, but also dedicates a whole chapter of its articles to transitional justice. With this mechanism there is hope that the highly corroded social fabric can heal gradually for the benefit of the population.

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Big Tech: The Good, The Bad, and The Antitrust Argument

However, for all the good these companies have done for us, their dominating nature provides the opportunity to completely control innumerable aspects of our lives with no consequences for their actions – something that should also be considered.

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Petrocaribe: The Inefficient Regional Organization

Venezuela must use oil as a diplomatic mechanism to achieve its objectives. However, the nation must have a coherent and realistic foreign policy through which it could obtain economic benefits and/or true allies in the Caribbean region.

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A Nation Without Cash: Norway’s the First Country to Go Cash Free

Cash will be around in most societies for many decades; however, some nations are already well on the road to going entirely cash free. One of these nations is Norway.

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Corporate Activism, Yesterday and Today

How has the idea and execution behind corporate activism evolved over time?

This article is the second in a series of articles on corporate social responsibility in the Trump era.

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How Cambridge Analytica Taught Us What We Already Should’ve Known

Facebook's stock drops amidst concerns of privacy and institutions like Cambridge Analytica are to blame.

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