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Maryland and McNair Keep College Football Problems on the Front Page

Between 2000 and 2016, 33 NCAA football players have died while training. Only 18% of those deaths were trauma related… Changing statistics like these will take time, and so too will confronting the limits of the human body and notions of the absolute necessity of success and winning,

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Disney+: How to Succeed Against Netflix Without Really Trying

Because of this development, The Walt Disney Company, one of the largest media giants and owner of an immense amount of IP, has developed a novel strategic initiative that largely revolves around the generation of a new video streaming service.

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Patagonia’s Approach to Environmental Responsibility

Investigating the execution of social and environmental responsibility at Patagonia can provide insight to how it has created its identity and achieved tremendous growth, in addition to whether or not it will contribute to lasting change in society and in the future of business.

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