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Max Makeev on Entrepreneurship, Remote Work, Startups and More

Max Makeev is the Co-Founder of Owl Labs and the creator of Meeting Owl -- a smart 360° video conferencing camera that aims to serve as a bridge between the 40 million office conference rooms around the world. Owl Labs is disrupting the way firms get things done, and is taking connectivity to a new level.

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Marissa Alden in Creating Sawyer as a Modern Approach to Parenting

Marissa Evans Alden is a seasoned technology entrepreneur and founder with more than a decade of experience in startups. She currently serves as CEO and Co-Founder of Sawyer, which connects children, parents, and providers of the best enriching childhood experiences through a suite of industry-leading technology solutions with a goal to ensure every child has the opportunity to discover their own love of learning.

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Instagram and Empowerment: Social Media Marketing in the Digital Age

A new wave of female-focused companies are creating a new paradigm of brand-customer interaction that focuses on creating a community and bringing their customers closer than ever.

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