Uggs: Ugg-ly Or Not?

Whenever I mentioned I would be moving from sunny California to the East Coast for college, everyone told me that the winter essential was a pair of warm boots. The goal was to find a pair that was simultaneously fashionable and weather-proof. This goal, however, soon proved to be more difficult than I thought. So many shoes were either extremely bulky but waterproof, or very pretty but most definitely not weather-proof. It was during this journey to find my winter shoes that I came across Uggs.

Uggs were a trend that I had never tried, even back in 2012 when they were especially popular. Individually, as boots, they looked good. On people, however, they somehow always seemed awkward. So it was to my great surprise that I eventually purchased my own pair. It was weird, but somehow seeing them through a fresh pair eyes changed my view on them. And wearing them this year has made me love them.

I was first convinced to give Uggs a chance after seeing several Instagram and YouTube fashionistas style them. “They’re so comfy,” they would say, “and warm!” Admittedly, I even liked the way they looked. Whereas back in 2012, their bulkiness annoyed me, now they seemed to add a different layer of texture that contrasted nicely with the sharp minimalist lines that have been so trendy as of late. Also, rave reviews from Ugg wearers convinced me. If people could love Uggs so much, even when they didn’t look the most fashionable, then there must be something good about them.

I was still extremely skeptical when my pair came in the mail. I expected to hate them. I was pleasantly surprised when I first wore them, but my real appreciation for them came during the winter when I realized their ability to blend fashion with versatility. I think Ugg boots today are definitely much more fashion-conscious than their 2012 counterparts. Still, the company has been able to maintain the weather-proof functionality that made them so popular in the first place. The boots are incredibly warm and comfortable, but my favorite part—and the element that will make me a loyal consumer—is their ability to repel stains and rain and snow. I haven’t seen other shoes that have been able to achieve the all-weather-proof capability of the Uggs, and I think it is their capacity to act as both casual and fashionable shoes that are why Uggs will be here to stay for a long, long time.