AI: More Than Just Data

There’s a common perception that when it comes to data (and big data), AI can solve for a lot of problems, but as it pertains to the next level, people don't think about it as much. However, according to Idan Geva, co-founder of Wizer Research, AI can also assist in telling a story. Rather than just presenting clients with analyzed data, Wizer’s specialty lies in using AI to also figure out the "so-what", which can reveal many parts that can then be connected by humans in order to tell a story. Geva uses this idea of storytelling to turn his clients into “heroes". Experts at Wizer discuss with clients how to interpret the AI-derived insight, and take actionable steps to solve their issues. He says that hopefully clients will feel empowered and capable of taking the necessary measures to make a true impact on their company. Geva, in his executive seminar, stresses that stories are core to entrepreneurship. Moreover, the execution of the story determines whether a start-up is able to gain steam or not. In this way, “the idea is not the centerpiece” - rather, execution is, but without a good story to capture it, execution could unrightfully fall short. Geva notes that his own story is a compilation of all his miniature stories. “My career has been a collection of failures culminating to success,” he says. According to him, entrepreneurship is a constant cycle of “fail, fail, fail, succeed.” Through his failures, Geva has gleaned two key pieces of insight: “Tech is your best friend, don’t try to denounce it. Also, never give up, always be relentlessly resourceful - failure is not definitive, it's a milestone.” Through these methods, Geva believes you will be able to better able to express your story, and after all, in the business world, Geva notes that “you’re only as good as your story.”