“Best Company to Work for”

PRINCETON, NJ-- FIRMLY ESTABLISHED as one of the pinnacle firms in the consulting industry, Bain & Company is confident in its ability to attract, recruit, and retain talent of the highest caliber groomed by the best universities in the world at each of its 53 offices worldwide. 

Presenting at Princeton University for their 8th annual Building Entrepreneurial Leaders (BEL) program, Keaton made it abundantly clear that sugar coating wasn’t his personal style. Instead, blunt honesty was established as the norm. 

The BEL program at Bain & Co. was crafted for sophomore applicants from diverse backgrounds to introduce them to the world of consulting through the lens of one of the leading firms in the world. 

The 6-day seminar showcases the different realms of strategy consulting to selected applicants with the opportunity of working alongside Bain strategists on real ongoing cases. The weeklong internship is scheduled for the end of the summer in order to be done in conjunction with other summer internships.

Those selected will also receive $1,500 in addition to covered expenses for airfare, hotel, travel, and dining. Additionally, they will be highly considered for next year’s summer internship program. 

Students of African American/Black, Latino/Hispanic, or of Native American descent with a minimum of a 3.3 GPA are encouraged to apply by April 4th. 

Keaton eased the uncertainty from students in the room who felt that their educational backgrounds in fields like molecular biology or electrical engineering put them at a disadvantage to those in the economics or Operations Research and Financial Engineering tracks. 

Keaton himself studied electrical engineering at MIT before joining Bain and assured those in the audience that the most important skill to have was the ability to think critically.

He likened the process of consulting to extensive problem solving wherein all your resources go directly to troubleshooting a company teetering on the rocks or boosting the sales metrics of an already wildly successful one.

Recognizing the ongoing intense hunt for the best talent in the world, Justin boasted of Bain’s retention of talent.

And there’s no surprise as to why: Bain has been listed either in 1st or 2nd best place to work at by Glassdoor since 2014, remaining in the top 5 companies since 2009 when Glassdoor first began its ranking program among peers like Google and Facebook. 

Bain even goes onto putting its money right where its mouth is. The company allows analysts who’ve been working at the firm to leave the company and intern elsewhere at a place of their choosing.

These externships allow their consultants to feel confident in their choice of having Bain & Co. as their employer. They want them to feel proud to work there. 

The HR department helps them land externships at places like Uber and Microsoft to allow consultants to get a taste of what it’s like elsewhere with the option of staying there if they really enjoyed it.

But the majority of the time, they come running right back. Over 98% of those who choose to do externships end up continuing their tenure at Bain. 

With a company so confident in its role in the marketplace as a firm that truly cares about its employees and compensates them well for their work, most who are lucky enough to receive an offer from Bain will undoubtedly jump at the chance to work there.

The BEL program will give selected candidates the chance of a lifetime to see what it’s truly like to work at a place currently ranked as the best company to work for in the world

Interested Princeton students should e-mail Clare Boucher at clare.boucher@bain.com with any questions about the program or application process.