Up and Coming Startups

Startups have become a recent growing phenomenon in the business world. From college students at top universities to Silicon Valley tech enthusiasts, many people have been inspired to act on their ideas and create their own businesses. Lately, there have been a few startups that have become popular amongst the public. These startups range from apps helping performers find gigs to HR platforms and even the next Über. With latest rounds of funding oftentimes bringing in over 10 million dollars, these small companies are making a splash in the business world.


Button, located in New York, New York, is one of the newest startup applications that has received a latest funding of $12 million. According to their website, Button’s main objective is to build “contextual commerce” technology that creates connections between different mobile apps. These various apps include Über, Ticketmaster, Caviar, and many more companies. Essentially what Button allows its users to accomplish tasks by integrating the functions of multiple apps. By partnering with Über and other companies, Button “connects your app to leading commerce brands, earns you money, and generates user loyalty.”


“Could GetAround actually become the next Über?” GetAround is a startup app that has changed the way we think by combining rental car services and Über’s concept. The app lets you rent cars from other users in your area. Instead of using rental car companies like Budget or Avis, anyone can just rent from a friend or acquaintance in their area. Since receiving their funding of $24 million, GetAround has seen considerable growth in both revenue and user base. The number of cars added per week has increased by a multiple of six since last year. This startup is reaching new heights in the business world.


Namely is another startup that focuses on human resources within companies across the country. With a funding of $45 million and headquarters in New York, New York, Namely is an HR platform that provides service for small companies. Namely’s relationships with its client companies allow it to store employee data and organize new hire information, reviews, and documentation. Additionally, the Namely has recently partnered with venture capital firm Sequoia Capital. Namely is currently processing over $1 billion in annual pay roll.


Postmates is another unique startup that has sought to improve our daily lives. Now valued at $500 million, this company has taken a different approach on food delivery. Fundamentally, the startup hires couriers who offer delivery services from shops and restaurants that typically do not deliver. So if you were desperately craving a cupcake but mom was not home with the car, you could call someone to order it and deliver it to your house. Or if you were hosting a party and needed more food but could not leave, then you could use Postmates to bring it to you. This is a revolutionary idea that is going to change our economy. Postmates is currently located in San Francisco, California and has a latest funding of $80 million.


Magic Leap is a virtual reality company located in Dania Beach, Florida that made headlines after a giant cash injection from Google in 2014. Magic Leap works on projecting realistic virtual robots beneath your desk. The company superimposes 3D computer generated imagery over real world projects. Magic Leap has created incredible virtual reality experiences like having whales fly across a school gymnasium.  Rumors have even said that Magic Leap is close to raising around $827 million. This will put the company value over a billion dollars. The success of these startups and more could bring further fundamental change to our economy, like that wrought by better known and much larger startups like Uber and Airbnb.