One small step for Amazon, one giant leap for World Domination

If you had not already notice, Amazon has done it all. From being one of the largest online stores to introducing its new echo system, Amazon has truly become the newest competitor in the race for world domination. But what is next for them? According to AOL Finance, Amazon’s next giant leap for mankind could be a messaging application similar to no other than Facebook’s messaging application. But instead of just having the basic video and voice call features, the Amazon messaging application is expected to acquire and merge all the features Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter currently have. This includes the iconic filters like Snapchat, the original mentions like Twitter, and the ever to artsy tags like Instagram. But that is just the beginning for Amazon. The encryption Amazon plans on using for its messaging application might become a central selling point for the application, almost like WhatsApp or Signal. Ironically, this is not Amazon’s first time entering the messaging/calling market. In fact, the company introduced Chime, a videoconference service that served as a new competitor for Skype back in February. Additionally, Amazon introduced its echo system, which was a direct replication of Apple’s siri. Alexa, the voice behind the echo system can do anything like set reminders, play music, and even send text messages all by saying “Alexa” and the following with the a command or request. With all of these new launches, it makes perfect sense for Amazon to create an official messaging application, thus allowing for an increase in users and market share. But what will this do for competition? Some believe that this is an attempt for Amazon to take over every industry. Amazon has their online store like EBay, a movie-streaming platform like Netflix, an echo system like Siri, and they even bought Wholefood. Is a messaging application taking it too far?