Insight on Education: Takeaways Regarding Education from Sunday’s Speakers

Since the theme of the International Conference is Redefining Innovation, education has inevitably been a frequent topic of discussion. After all, schooling gives students knowledge that may help them create and implement change. On Sunday, over 20 highly respected executives came to speak at the International Conference, many of whom shared their opinions on education. Here are the top three takeaways that we gleaned from these executives:

1. Incorporating experience-based learning into the curriculum is valuable.  

“At Schwartzman Scholars, we think of education as something that happens both inside and outside of the classroom. There’s academic knowledge and also applied knowledge. Some of the best education in the world thinks about how the coursework connects to the real world, then structure those opportunities for students.” – Robert Garris, Global Director of Admissions at Schwartzman Scholars

2. Undergraduate students should take advantage of a liberal arts education.

“I am a big proponent of a very broad liberal arts education. I always urge students to use their undergraduate education to learn how to think, to learn how the world works: to expose yourself to different cultures, to different ideas, to different disciplines.” – Mark Almedia, President of Moody’s Analytics

3. Everyone deserves equal opportunities in education.  

“I was lifted out of a war camp in communist Romania, and arrived in America at age 15. But I am not the hero of my story: I had so many people helping me along the way. So I decided that I wanted every kid in this country – immigrant or otherwise – to have the opportunities that I had. I want that for my granddaughters, and everybody’s granddaughters.” – Peter Georgescu, Chairman Emeritus at Young and Rubicam, Director of Better Chance, a non-profit organization that places students of color in top-notch secondary schools