Magazine Ambassador Program


Who are magazine ambassadors

As a magazine ambassador, you will be responsible for distributing copies of Business Today’s bi-annual magazine to students and organizations at your university. We’ll ship you 100 copies of our magazine for free. Email us pictures of the magazines being placed in five different places around your campus, and we’ll pay you $20. Please note that our magazine distribution is currently limited to the US/Canada, and we ask that you apply only if you attend college in the US/Canada.

Why Participate

Ambassadors receive $20 as long as they comply with the above. Further, we encourage ambassadors to post photos of students reading and/or receiving Business Today’s magazine on social media. The ambassadors who post* the most or have the most liked post* will be able to ask a question to one of the executives we interview for the upcoming magazine and be featured in the next printed edition.

*For posts to qualify, they must tag Business Today on Facebook or Instagram using the tag @businesstoday1968.

How to Apply

Just fill out the form below, and we’ll send you an email if you’re selected!

Deadline: Wednesday, March 27th at 11:59 PM EST.

Name *
Mailing Address *
Mailing Address
Please put your exact mailing address to which we can ship you the magazines.
By submitting this form, I agree that the above mailing address is correct, and I am willing to receive and distribute all 100 copies of the magazine. I will email pictures of placing the magazines in five different places on campus. If I do not do so, I will NOT be compensated with $20. *